My name is Steve Sims. I tattoo for a living but don't usually post my work here. @stevesims_tattooer on instagram or

I'm a dork.


Just finished lyrics to the first Vesuveii song.

It’s probably the most personal thing I’ve ever written. And it’s only like 9 lines.

As of now I’m planning on doing a 3 song EP. I hope people like it.

Writing shit by yourself is hard.

OM - Advaitic Songs [Full Album] - YouTube

This album is worth a listen. At least once. There is nothing else like it. Super heavy but super mellow at the same time. Great vibes. If I’m stressed or in a bad mood this puts me in the right place.

One of my all time favorites.

2 days ago

Sleep - The Clarity (new song) - YouTube

First new Sleep song in 20 years!

No one cares.

But I’m fucking excited.

2 days ago

I’ve got a case of the fuck arounds.

And a case of beer.


Happy 45th anniversary of the moon landing! The National Air & Space Museum is live-tweeting it (or whatever you call it when it’s something that already happened but they’re tweeting in real-time)! I can’t believe I don’t know where my astronaut ice cream is! Are you a little giddy about it? I AM!

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Dog Owners Will Understand (22 Pics)

Tennis balls make him happy looks just like my dog.

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It’s Friday night and I’m doing so much Coke by myself.

In the dark.

It’s Friday night and I’m doing so much Coke by myself.

In the dark.


Grey Gordon - Target 

Grey Gordon is a white dude from the Midwest that dresses like a 90s Long Beach Gangbanger and writes the best pop punk songs you’ve ever heard.


Can’t wait to hear the rest of this album.

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Omg so relevant

Pretty much.


Omg so relevant

Pretty much.

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Heard my child’s heartbeat in my girlfriends belly the other day….

Most exciting/scary thing of my life.

I’ll never forget that sound.

I just hope I’m a good dad.

I ain't gettin a wolf, Gary.

Follow my other blog to see what I do during the day.

When I’m not you know….bored and doing beer. Like right now.

5 days ago


I might join a country band with 2 other Tattooers that I know and a guy in the car club. So that’ll be fun.

Thursday night = doom night.

Since I have so much going on I’ve dedicated Thursday nights to writing music. I’m sure my neighbors are pissed every Thursday, because even at low volumes the shit is so heavy and fuzzy it vibrates my entire floor. Good thing no ones underneath me.

The guy above me is probably passed out drunk by now. But the other 2 apartments can probably hear muffled ominous tones over and over and over for hours.

Sorry dudes.

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